bunn (bunn) wrote,

A clearout

In an attempt to eke a little more life from this increasingly slow laptop, I have spring-cleaned.

I removed things from automatically filling the system tray/loading on startup:
- picasa media detector
- old backup solution no longer used
- adobe acrobat (??)
- office (why did office need to load on startup?)
- realplayer updater.

I deleted just over 84,000 almost-entirely-spams from my trash box. Despite my love of the originality of the language of spam, this is absurd. I have an automatic springcleaner that's supposed to get rid of most things with correct dates on, and I'm sure I deleted most of it in August anyway. I don't actually see most of those spams as they go through various local filters, but none the less they are wasting my time by filling up my various mail queues just through the sheer volume of them. Something Must Be Done.

I'm wondering about migrating all my email accounts to Google Apps. It's something like $50 a year for a pro account, but that's still a lot less than paying for a spam filter service provider. At the moment I have 18 accounts, but I reckon I could get rid of all but 4. Though possibly 18 accounts explains the sheer quantity of spam. Maybe I should springclean that first.

Tags: email

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