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Resolutions and other things

Assorted parents to lunch today. Beef & veggie lasagne. I think I did the lasagne better than the beef (well, I had to try both, obviously. Otherwise, how would I know? My mum brought a sherry trifle, which was politely sampled at the meal, but I'm afraid I've been schlurping it up in a Zoidbergesque manner all this evening. I love sherry trifle.

Apparently someone was letting off fireworks at 6pm yesterday, when my Mum was walking her dogs. Ronnie bolted and she lost him, and spent 3 hours in the dark and rain searching the lower slopes of Dartmoor for him. (My Mum is 70... ) Luckily when she finally went home, soaked through, she found someone had found him, read his tag, and popped him back into her house for her. What a relief!

I have given her strict instructions that if she loses him again she should go home and phone us to come and help look next time. I bet she won't though.

1) I am going to lose a stone in weight this year (once I've finished the trifle...). I was a bit undecided about this, as although I am officially a bit overweight, I find that being a bit overweight suits me. I don't get fainting fits or mood swings so much. But I have edged up a bit beyond my comfort zone, so I think it's time to make an effort.

2) Sort the garden out. It's not going to be perfect by 2009, but I've let things slip this year. I will get it to a state where it's noticeably better than it is now by Dec 2008.

3) Be decisive (note decisive language phrasing 1 & 2!)

Back to work tomorrow. Still: 3-day week! Woohoo!

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