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Dog insurance

Tis the season for painful amounts of money to be spend on Mollydog insurance.

She was with M&S pet insurance, and being a lazy person, I would probably have just renewed if someone hadn't pointed out 2 sneaky changes to the policy:

1) The excess on vet bills is no longer £50 - for dogs aged over 9, it's £50 + 15%!

2) They now require you to call a special 'helpline' before you are allowed to rush your dog to the emergency out of hours vet - otherwise they may not cover you.

How crap is that? For one thing, I don't want to be messing trying to get through to helplines if my dog needs emergency care, for another thing, the amount of 'help' they can give in an emergency by phone is likely to be much less than my vet, who is qualified to give advice and has her full medical history, and for a third thing, if you are in the middle of a wood with a dog with a hole in it, you might just not have the phone number for your insurance company, complete with policy number to hand! What are the odds that if you phone them but can't give your full details they refuse to speak to you 'because of data protection'...


Axa was £60 cheaper for better cover - and underwrote the M&S policy anyway.
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