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Bunny progress

Last weekend Ash bunny was ill with e. cuniculi, and had to be rushed to the vet, very poorly and barely able to hop. She's still very thin, but has definitely put on some weight over last week. Rabbits lose weight so fast, it's really scary. I'd expect a 5 year old rabbit to be a bit bony on top, but she really should have more muscle on her hips and spine, she's just a bag of rabbit skin. At least she has a little tummy underneath again now.

She has had treatment with Panacur all this week and is now moving much more confidently, which is a huge relief. Joop is also now on the Panacur, as e. cuniculi is infectious, though apparently the latest research suggests that 50% of domestic rabbits in the UK have it and most show no symptoms. Joop is as tough as leather, luckily, and showing no signs of illness at all, but better safe...

One good thing is that Panacur seems to be very palatable to rabbits. Also, rabbits are quite easy to medicate with paste-type medicines, as as soon as you get the tube behind their 2 big front teeth, there isn't much they can do but swallow it.
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