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Arrival of mysterious publication

The Oxford History Faculty has just sent me a shiny printed magazine all about themselves. I don't know why. It is over 10 years since I studied History, and my college - I presume that's where they got the address from - knows that I'm not an academic or anything historical at all, and nor do I have bags of money. I'm almost sure that I didn't request or pay for the thing (not even in a moment of lunacy).

So, why the glossy mag? I thought Universities were supposed to be short of cash, historians particularly so? Why have they paid to print upon dead trees and post, this thing riddled with colour photos of historians and turgid content? (I'm afraid historians are not particularly decorative, and they aren't in amusing poses either, which would at least have lightened the whole thing up a bit).

I note that the PPE fac has not sent a shiny mag to Polo.

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