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Garden update

OK, bath in a minute...

The garden situation is not good. I've not done any real work on it in months. Arg. I wrote it, the truth. It is scary. I just have had too much work, and the dog walking has been enough outdoor time for me. Plus the weather hasn't helped - every time we've had a clear dry period it's overlapped with a rush of work...

Amazingly, things are not as bad as I'd expected. The hedges were done not that long ago, so the main things growing out of control are the grass and annual weeds. I did have a blitz on brambles in the front garden a couple of weeks back, so that isn't too bad either.

However, everything is horrifyingly shaggy. It really needs a good sort out. I think the grass will need strimming before it can be mowed. Joy.

I am seriously wondering about getting the garden landscaped. At the moment I'm working with a structure that is at least 20 years old, with many large and not particularly choice shrubs, and a lot of what can only be called manky areas where keeping out nettles and brambles is a perennial bugbear (the brambles and nettles cannot be completely eliminated from the areas where the shrubs are established, so you beat them back, but they always come back).

I have this idea that I'd like to clear most of the top garden, flatten it into tiers (far too sloping to just flatten it) and plant it up as a proper orchard with lots of different types of fruit and some nice benches (advantage of a madly sloping garden: it has amazing views, but at the moment the best places to see those are too close to the bonfire area to really enjoy.)

It is north-facing, but I think if I got the top hedge sorted, then there would be enough light to make a decent fruit area. I'd keep the 2 really big mature apple trees, and maybe my cherry, if that could be saved too, get rid of practically everything else (maybe keep the rhubarb but replant it in a new spot) and start over.

OK, it would be a major project, but longterm, it would give it a shape that's mine, and I think would also be easier to manage than the current patchwork...

Anyway, in the short term - seed catalogues are here! I can't decide if I should ignore them, on the grounds that I have enough to do just with maintenance. Or should I buy some seeds as motivation to get going on the rest of it...? The temptation is strong...
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