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Happy weekend

I have had a happy weekend.

On Sat, I walked the dogs over Kit Hill down to the pond and back. Much happy zooming went on. Then philmophlegm and I left the hounds at home and went into Tavistock. Because I had walked the dogs briskly, we had time to go to the farmer's market (which closes at 1pm), where we bought the best pate I've ever tasted. Then we had lunch in Cafe Liaison, which is probably my favorite of all the Tavistock cafes. I bought some new jeans. We bought a few christmas presents in the pannier market (there were some nice wood turning stalls, and a fair trade bag stall).

That evening, Kjetil decided he wanted to come out for the evening walk with the dogs. He made me laugh a lot by lurking around behind us until I thought I'd mislaid him and called, then hurtling up to catch up at top speed. He runs amazingly fast for a cat, in a sort of weird long-bodied way that makes him look like an otter.

Pan fried pheasant breasts with blackberry gravy. Yum.

The evening was flawed - I wanted to quickly fix a minor problem with a client's site, which took much longer than I had expected - until 2am, in fact. It should have been a quick fix but I just couldn't find the heart of the problem. This was partly because my bloody laptop is now being intermittently seriously slow, particularly when accessing our shared backup solution. The annoying behaviour of the laptop is on top of one of the USB ports being knackered, and the delete key not sitting right and occasionally flying off.

I need a new laptop. I am considering this one Sadly, it's not blue, but it seems to meet the other specifications. Hm.

Another walk on Kit Hill the next morning, this time on the North side of the hill, down to the brook. I notice that the shiny ponies are becoming more shaggy and authentically moorlandish.

Off to see the Stardust film. I really liked Neil Gaiman's novel when I read it a few years ago, but I really can't remember it well enough now to say how far the film is different.

Whether it was or not, the film was a lot of fun. It feels like a fairy story (small C19th English village, magic kingdom nearby over the Wall, an adventure to win the heart of the hero's True Love), but there were lots of excellent jokes too, which fitted into the context without making mock of it. I particularly liked the princely ghosts, and the lightning-harvesting ship. The witches were great too. I'll have to re-read the book to find out if Captain Shakespeare is like that in it, I don't remember him at all, but he was great in the film.

One of the reviews I saw said that the plot was weak, but neither of us felt that it was. It is a story where various people change their minds on a number of topics, but I didn't feel it was confused or ill-structured.

We walked the hounds again along the Lynher, which was very dark at 5pm, and even more so by the time we were coming back at almost 6! We heard a lot of owls, and a strange large splash in the river which might have been an otter, but probably wasn't. Mollydog lagged a bit: I'm not sure if her leg was paining her or if she doesn't like walking in the dark. Her night vision is very poor, she has great difficulty getting up the stairs with the light off, for example.

Now I'm off for a bath. I should probably do more work (I have a mountain, much of it overdue) but I don't want to, so neh! to that.

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