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I've had a phalaenopsis orchid for a couple of years now. Difficult to get it back into flower initially, but then I found I was overfeeding it. They flower better if fed erratically, I find. I now mist the roots with water and just slosh water into the pot every couple of weeks, then orchid food maybe every 6 months.

I'm fairly sure that this variety (large white petals, purple-pink centre) is called Happy Girl (thought it's hard to be sure because of the annoying habit of garden centres of just tagging their plants 'orchid'. They wouldn't think that was acceptable for roses, why on earth is it OK to sell orchids without giving the variety name!)

Anyway, due to a garden centre sale I was passing, I've acquired a couple more - one with a yellow centre, and one almost like Happy Girl, but with smaller flowers, a more intense red, and shorter more numerous flower stalks. Wonder what varieties they are...

OK, I think the yellow one might be 'Cool Breeze'. Outside guess the smaller reddish one is New Candy x Bro. Honey Lip. That's a wild guess based on websites of the few UK growers - CITES apparently makes it hard to move orchids between countries, though the EU counts as a country for CITES purposes so my orchids might have come from Holland or somewhere.
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