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Remember remember the 5th of November...

There were quite a lot of bangs last night: I think several neighbours were having firework parties. For some mysterious reason, Mollydog has decided she is now scared of fireworks, having been quite unbothered by them for the last 2 years. She told us all about how scary they were, at top volume. It was very loud, what with the bangs and the greyhound yodeling.

I was expecting Az to get in a tiz, but in fact he just went and lay down quietly: he wasn't even shaking, though he wasn't entirely happy either. I gave them both a tripe stick to distract them: Az ate his, but Mollydog didn't (headline: "Mollydog Fails To Eat Food Shock!")

I suspect that Az somehow lets off secret 'I'm not happy' vibes which get Mollydog all wound up. She's decided she's scared of storms now as well, and she was never the least bit bothered by them previously.

Peculiar things, dogs. The cats all came and sat inside in a disapproving manner, but didn't seem too bothered, and I caught Joop the rabbit cheerfully watching the bangers go off from his run: who'd have thought.

Anyway, they are all back to normal now.
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