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The secret language of the greyhound owner

When out walking, the greyhound owner often meets the owners of other breeds of dog. This requires a special form of politeness, translated here for my own satisfaction:

You say: Hasn't he got a lot of energy!
You mean: It would drive me mad to have a dog that bounced up and down all day and pulled on the lead like that.

You say: Spaniels love the water don't they?
You mean: I'm glad that's not getting back into my car.

You say: What a beautiful long coat
You mean: Thank goodness I don't have to try to vacuum that lot out of the carpet.

You say: They just don't know they are little dogs do they?
You mean: how do you live with the endless yapping?

You say: He's a feisty little chap
You mean: how do you live with the endless yapping and bouncing?

You say:He's a big friendly boy
You mean: your boxer has covered my greyhound in drool.

You say: Labs are so food-motivated aren't they?
You mean: your dog looks like a barrel but at least it comes when called.

You say: Isn't he good at retrieving!
You mean: you are going to be throwing that ball for the next 3 hours, long after I and my dogs have gone home for tea.

You say: Oh, he is quite a baby
You mean: and my greyhound will give him the spanking he is asking for if he keeps that up!

You say: He's having a good run
You mean: my greyhound will now show him the true meaning of the word 'run'...

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