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Stupid brain

Yet again I have spent much of the day staring blankly at a small piece of work, totally unable to move forward. As usual at about 9:30pm my brain decided to engage gear for the first time, and then we charged forward with terrifying speed, achieving things left right and centre.

I wish I could persuade it not to behave in this way. It must be so nice to be able to sit down in the morning, do 4 hours work on all the things that absolutely must be done, and feel the afternoon is one's oyster. So to speak.

Sometimes I feel like a tiny, angry, ineffectual mahout, perched on top of the elephant of my brain. Sometimes the elephant moves forward. Sometimes it moves sideways. Very often it fancies a snack, and all too often it decides to just stand there and hum to itself. Most of the time I seem to have no control over it at all.

Beating, yelling, reason and bribery have no effect on it. Only the threat of a deadline (or of no sleep at all that night)will get it moving at a decent speed.

It *can* work in the morning: the threat of arriving at a meeting at 2pm totally unprepared will always get its pondorous feet moving. So why does it stand there refusing to move, when by working in the morning it knows it would get the evening off? Stoopid elephant.

Now the bloody thing is full of beans, and is making me post about elephants when I would much rather go to sleep.

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