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Today on the hill...

Today on our hill, the cows that chased Mollydog the other day have been joined by some very shiny Dartmoor ponies. I am not sure these particular ponies have been free ranging on a moor before. They were standing together in a little group, looking somewhat horrified at the brambles, the gorse, and the sheer outsideness of it all. Also, I could see from their footprints on the path that they were all neatly shod, which seems a bit odd for a gang of lawnmowers, even very beautifully groomed ones with no tangles or burrs or anything. Not that I am a horse person.

Still, they didn't chase Mollydog, so I have decided I like them better than the cows. Also, no WHOPPING GREAT ENORMOUS HORNS, and no frantic mooing. I am certain that one particular hereford-ish cow has learned that people often run away when she gallops towards them mooing loudly, and she does it deliberately for a laugh.

I do quite like the fact though that in the midst of the age of health and safety, someone at our local council had the nerve to decide that good accessories for the open, public areas of our park, which gets millions of visitors every year, would be a gang of frisky cows with calves, a second gang of buxom young bullocks, and an entire bull (who I must say is a complete gentleman and does an excellent job of keeping his unruly wives in order).

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