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Goodbye little car

We finally sold our elderly little Mazda MX5 yesterday.

We bought that car when Polo was unable to drive after his second epilepsy incident.  It was his prize at the end of the driving ban: we hadn't intended to actually buy it when we did, but I test drove it and we both instantly fell in love with the little red car with the popup headlights and incredibly light yet supple handling.

We have driven her up through the Highlands in February to the far North of Scotland, and zoomed along winding roads through mountains with the sun shining bright off the snow, and the blue sky and the wind biting cold.  We took her on appalling Irish roads to Galway and back,  all through Snowdonia, and across Devon and Cornwall in the sunshine too. I think we had the top down more often than not - who says it rains too much in Britain?

I've driven her to and from work in Liverpool - unlike all the people tucked up and isolated in their closed cars, having a laugh with a cyclist at the odd traffic light, and able to hear the birds singing.

We drove her down the M5 in a thunderstorm with ice sheeting down, and the top down because the storm came on so suddenly, and it's only if you drop to under 50 mph that you start getting wet (otherwise it just flows over the top).  All the other car drivers laughing, and us laughing too because we didn't get wet at all.

Her last big adventure was when we took the ferry over to Brittany and  drove across France (on the winding country roads with top down) South and East past Lake Constance and through the Black Forest to Bavaria.  I was too scared to drive through the Black Forest, where there were some seriously scary winding roads and bridges across deep valleys - in such a little car you almost feel like you might fall out!  I think we knew the end was coming when we had to pay a special supplement on our recovery service to take such an old car - but she bore up nobly and didn't let us down once, even at speed on the autobahns on the way back.

We discovered the answer to 'how many greyhounds can you get in an MX5 (answer: 1, if she scrunches up small).'

And yesterday we drove her down to Hayle, right down near St Ives, and sold her to a chap who has a dry garage and another car, and wants a runabout for the summer.  She will no longer be an everyday car, but a second car, and I guess it's about time.

We walked over the dunes from Upton Towans afterwards down to St Ives Bay - gorgeous evening, and Molly had a fantastic time zooming through the dunes. 

So, goodbye, little red car, and thanks for all the memories.  We'll never forget you.
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