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Dog doing well

Az had his bandages changed yesterday, and the leg is doing amazingly well. The huge flap of skin that was hanging off has all connected back with the main leg, and there are no more tendons or anything on display. I am now feeling much more optimistic that it will heal OK.

The vet wanted to leave the bandages off and have him wear a buster collar to stop him licking. Well, it might stop Az licking, but it's not going to stop Mollydog, who often licks Az's legs. What with that and the whole 'barking at the collar' thing, that was just not going to work.

I asked the vet to rebandage it instead, and, I suspect, made another entry into the 'awkward customer' book at the vet by refusing to let them take him away to be done, but instead making them bring the bandages into the consulting room and do it there.

I still think I was right to insist on this: he was shaking and clearly terrified I was going to go away and leave him there again. He was much more stressed about going there than he has been on previous occasions, and I really felt that if I let them take him away, even briefly, it would reinforce the fear. He's a dog that's nervous of strangers at the best of times, and is much more confident if his people are there with him.

So, if we stayed together, that made it more positive. Anyway, I can't see why they needed to do it in a different room: it was only sticking on a new dressing and some vetrap, it's not like any special equipment was needed. Someone would have needed to hold his head anyway, and frankly he'd be much less trouble if that was someone he knew.

Here he is in original colour coordinated vetrap:

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