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Az home, enswathed in bandages

Az is now home and has eaten a huge breakfast, which is definitely a good sign.

He has a blue leg and a purple leg. I am pretty sure that someone decided his vetrap bandages should coordinate with his (blue and purple) collar... He didn't recognise me at first when I went to pick him up, and kept trying to go further up the corridor to find me. Then he realised I was me, and was very pleased. What a noodlebrain he is.

I had to take his buster collar off as Mollydog had decided it was an alien invader that was trying to strangle him (or possibly that kept bumping her with its edges) and kept barking and growling at it. Luckily he doesn't seem inclined to remove his bandages, or not yet, anyway.

I am supposed to try to keep his bandages dry and clean till Saturday when he has a checkup. that means I'm going to have to keep him on the lead, given his normal tendency to boing into the undergrowth and through puddles. He will not be pleased. They put a plastic bag on his foot at the vet to keep it dry, but it was an odd shape and kept getting caught on the ground, so I may try him with one of Mollydog's unsuccessful boots from last year.

Fingers crossed that the skin all knits back into place properly.

Vet bill so far: £269. Pointy dogs are not cheap to run. Now to find out if that Tesco pet insurance policy is worth the paper it's written on.
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