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Ooops - dog broken again

The dogs having survived last week's visitors* in one piece, disaster was perhaps overdue. This evening it arrived. We were out walking along the river when Az came back with about 2 inches of skin hanging off his lower leg.

Being a lurcher, his lower leg practically has nothing on it but skin, bone and tendons (we've now had a close-up view to confirm this). We had to carry him back to the car (SO HEAVY! how can he be so heavy!) and drove him to the vet. Vet has stitched him back up but says it may not heal well, due to lack of flesh on leg etc. It may need 'further work' whatever that means. I can see it might be a problem, given that he just has this tissue-like layer of skin that has got knocked off, covering a bunch of icky things that move about a lot.

I will pick him up tomorrow morning as they felt he should stay in overnight. I do hope he is not too stressed by the vet stay, and most of all that the leg will heal up OK.

* normally the arrival of visitors always means that a dog will fall over, cut him/herself, or at best run into a tree. I don't know why this is.
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