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Baritone spike

I have bought a 'learn to play the baritone saxophone' book and am working through it. It's very early days, but I feel encouraged that I'm making more tuneful planned sounding noises and hitting the right notes! Part of the fiddly thing is that the baritone is in Eflat, and I keep reverting to Bflat clarinet fingering, but that will come with time.

I'd forgotten just how *heavy* an instrument it is. My neck and shoulders ache like nobody's business after half an hour. That saxophone used to have a spike to rest on while you played, like my bass clarinet did - that has gone AWOL, and the internet doesn't seem to know about saxophone spikes. Stands, yes. Slings, yes (I've already got two). Spikes, no. It's particularly annoying as it's still got the sort of bracket thing on it to take the spike.

Anyone out there know of a good source of saxophone spikes....? (OK, I know it's a slim hope!)
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