bunn (bunn) wrote,

Buns, beach & barbecue

I was hoping to have completed my new rabbit run this weekend, but I haven't managed it, though I did get all the pieces cut to size and treated. I was delayed by Mollydog discovering that she could get out of the garden and go gallivanting among next door's chickens. No damage done, but clearly the hedge needed to be patched up pronto.

This evening Molly and I popped down to Downderry beach for a paddle and a walk along to Seaton and back. It's a pleasant beach, though the sand is a bit grey rather than the yellow-white you get on the best beaches on the North coast. Polo stayed at home and worked on his Traveller campaign. I love having a dog to take to the beach, as Polo never wants to go!

When we got home, we all had a barbecue in the garden (well, not the rabbits. All the other pets joined in though!)

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