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Failed petitions

I was just looking to see how the Deed Not Breed petition against extending breed specific legislation was doing, when I noticed this. It's all the petitions that have been rejected, and why:


There are some nutters out there. I particularly liked the petition to "tar and feather every traitor that has handed our country over to the EU on a plate."

(rejected because "It contained language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative")

and "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to dance naked in the moonlight on midsummers day next"

(Because, apparently, "It was outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government". Is this really true? Does moonlight dissolve politicians or something? )

And "Congratulate himself for taking the tough choices government forces upon people and toppling one of the worst regiems in the world, namely Iraq and supporting the silent marjority in so doing."

(rejected as 'It contained wording that is impossible to understand' )
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