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Boiler playing up again

Our Keston boiler, 2 years old in September, has once again decided that it doesn't want to fire up. For a 2 year old, it has not had a happy life so far.

It first decided it wasn't going to fire up last winter, while still under warranty. They came and fixed it. Then this spring the drain that takes away the condensate backed up, something inside got rusty, and it started dribbling water everywhere.

We got someone to come and fix that, but he didn't have the proper part to replace the rusted one, so he rigged something up. Which worked fine, until he came again to fit the proper part last week, after which it decided it was going to stop firing up altogether. And the condensate pipe, which the guy was supposed to be replacing at the same time, still isn't the proper one so it's probably still backing up and making the new part, whatever it is, rusty. Or it would be if the damn thing was actually working at all...

I think the moral of this story is, if you buy a new and expensive boiler, it is worth buying the extended warranty thing as well, and get it installed by the manufacturers recommended agent. Or just buy a cheap boiler and wait slightly longer for baths. Also, that it is a fine thing to own an electric shower.

The reason for putting this somewhat dull tale of woe here is that I can't remember the exact details of what went wrong and how and when. If I'd noted it here as it happened, I would know this stuff and be better equipped to make sure the local Keston agent, when I manage to get hold of him, knows all the details.
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