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Suspicious substance advertising

I am intrigued to discover that the Metropolitan Police are advertising on Google Adwords under the term 'peroxide'.Google peroxide, and you get this ad from the Met:

www.met.police.uk Suspect it? Report it. Call the Anti-terrorist Hotline."

(the way this works is that the Met will be paying Google a certain amount per click for every person that clicks on the ad)

??? It seems a strangely untargeted way of getting the anti-terrorism message across. Surely you would get an awful lot of hairdressers and amateur chemists for every terrorist...?

Of course, I couldn't resist then googling a whole series of explosive keywords (gelignite, home made bomb, how to make bombs, how to make car bombs, ammonium nitrate, fertilizer bombs, sulphuric acid), but I was unable to find any further Met advertising. Perhaps my knowledge of the chemistry of mayhem is lacking.

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