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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Yesterday, it was sunny for once, so I ventured into the garden. There I ate 2 lovely ripe brown figs and a lot of alpine strawberries. I am pretty sure that the figs are actually ones that made it through last winter, and have been patiently waiting for months to ripen. I thought allowing this might prevent the tree from 'figging up' this year, but it is pretty well laden again now, though most of the figs are only tiny at the mo.

I picked a reasonable number of blueberries (later to join some bought redcurrants in muffins). I do have redcurrant bushes, but wasn't feeling strong enough to fight my way up there to see if they had any currants on. I can see from the window that the apples are turning red though, so I really should arm myself with heavy cutting gear and try to get up there sometime soon.

Redcurrants are interesting in muffins: probably some people would think them not sweet enough, but I quite like them. They have zing.

All this water seems to be good for the fruit: sadly, it's also good for the foliage, and it's just not been dry enough to be able to spend much time cutting back without getting completely soaked - also, I've not had a burning in ages: everything is too wet, so things I cut earlier in the year are still sitting and waiting. On the plus side, the compost heaps are very much enjoying the weather, and consume everything I put on them with every evidence of enthusiasm.

Today the mists are back, and I can only just see to the end of the village. I wonder if we have a Dementor infestation. If so, I think they are concentrating their depressing efforts on our poor neighbours, who are spending the 'summer' extending their house in ambitious ways. They are planning to take the roof off, though they haven't started that bit yet.
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