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Birds, birds, birds

This morning's walk started with a great cloud of swifts, all shiny and black. Then a buzzard burst out of the hedge. There were already two more buzzards circling overhead, and a fourth was sitting on a fencepost waiting for rabbits. And then later on as we walked through the heather on the far side of the hill I saw the cuckoo!

Plus, lots of those smaller birds that fall into that category of 'interesting, I must look that up' but I can never remember in quite enough detail to be sure of what they are.

I have failed to weed or tend the strawberry bed, but someone is getting some good out of it because an explosion of blackbirds happens everytime I go up there.

We have been low on walks this week, partly because of the fog, but mostly because last week Mollydog had an argument with a rock, which began with her meeting it unexpectedly at about 30mph, and ended with her somersaulting spectacularly down the hill behind it. No limbs were broken, but there were a lot of cuts and bruises. But today the sun is shining, the dog is almost recovered and bouncing cheerfully, and I can see all the way to Dartmoor under a huge blue sky.

"this is the sun's birthday; this is the birth day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay great happening illimitably earth" e.e.cummings
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