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Public sector organisation tenders...

We'd like a website to do *this sort of thing*. We don't mind what technology you use, or where you host it, and we aren't going to give you a detailed list of what it *must* do or information that it *must* hold. We'd quite like to spend some money on advertising, but we aren't sure how much, where or how. Nor will we reveal how much money we may or may not spend on the whole job.

Please send us a quote! This is a competitive tender, so very likely they have asked 20 other folk as well.

C'mon! The only people who are going to leap through the tendering hoops on a proposal like that are people who are seriously short of work, and frankly, it's a bit unfair to mess those people about asking for quotes when more than likely their mindreading will fail and either they will quote too low and only later realise that the expectations of the client are sky-high - or they will quote to the sky and waste the client's money.

If you are asking for quotes, then for crying out loud, tell us what you have to spend, OR work out exactly what you want*, and be prepared to pay for it. Anything else is like wandering into a really big car supermarket, and saying that you want a silver one.

* one odd thing is that I've never heard of someone doing a tender hiring someone to help with the working out of what is needed, what is possible, and what should actually be in the tender document. Or if they do, the people they hire are terrible!

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