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8 random facts about me meme

I got tagged by louisedennis...

1) There is something about memes that - ick. Don't do them. Don't know why, they just aren't me. They are fine for other people, I quite enjoy reading them, but - I deliberately broke this one by not posting the rules. I was going to not mention this, then I couldn't think of any facts about me, so what the hell.

2) I used to have fairly severe arachnophobia, but it got inconvenient so I decided to not have it any more. Surprisingly, this worked.

3) I am hopeless at repetitive tasks. It's not just that I don't like them: after all, who does? I just don't seem to be able to do them no matter how hard I try. I never knew this, but several people have recently pointed it out to me and to my surprise and fury, I have to admit they are right.

4) I hate margerine to the point where I have actually had real nightmares about it.

5) Dilbert cartoons changed my entire world view and inspired me to quit my job.

6) In an ideal world, I would never wear shoes.

7) At the age of 36 I have more or less learnt to sit on a chair or sofa, but I still tend to flollop off onto the floor after a while if I'm not concentrating. I am a human beanbag...

8) It appears that I can't think of even 8 things about myself that are interesting. Woe is me.

Good grief that was difficult! I kept thinking of facts about other people and animals and things. I'm now wondering if I am actually a character who exists to provide a backdrop to someone else on my friendslist, and I've not actually been fleshed out properly by my slipshod author. If so, I wonder who is the real hero(ine)???

If you read all this, feel free to volunteer your facts. With a bit of luck I can work out who the story is about if you do...

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