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Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax...

Yes, it's another walrus-post.

I think - I hope - that at long last the deadly aftermath of our server failure has passed, although it has left me a rather horrifying distance behind myself on everything else, and terrifyingly poor as well. I do hate having less in the bank than on the credit card bill, even temporarily. It makes me stressed. My father would have attributed this stressed condition to an excess of Protestant Work Ethic.

Rather oddly so, as neither of us was particularly Protestant, though back then when he was alive, I suppose we were both nominally CofE. Anyway, my lack of money has nothing to do with lack of work!

Despite my current state of alarming poverty, last weekend I got fed up with the fact that all my clothes were starting to have holes in, and went on an ebay blitz, buying Very Cheap Ebay Clothes. I think I bought about 15 items for £60, including postage, and that includes several pairs of trousers, dresses, skirts and sandals! Ebay is an even better place for cheap clothes than charity shops, and although you don't feel good about benefiting a good cause, you can at least congratulate yourself upon recycling.

So all this week a success of packages has been arriving. Most of them wrapped in plastic, which kind of takes away from the recycling joy a bit. Hey ho. Still: parcels! Hurray!

I don't know how all these Ebay people end up with perfectly wearable clothes that they just don't want any more. It's like a window into a different world. My wardrobe is a Clothes Graveyard, where clothes come to die at the end of their lives. When I have finished with the buggers, they are covered in hair, and stains from paint, grass, pollen, coffee, strawberries and other unnamed things, have a selection of holes and tears (or just one big one!), and some vital seam or piece of elastic has probably given way as well...

Philmophlegm, faced with the terrifying prospect of being outside and potentially getting wet, or sunburnt, agreed to pay for gardeners to come and cut the hedges. I wasn't stern enough with the gardeners, who came, got very wet, and clearly really, really wanted to go home by the end. I wanted the hedges cut lower than that: they will be back up round our ears in next to no time.

Feeling rather guilty about having hedges cut at this time of year, but I am pretty sure all our nesting birds are now well fledged, and it would have been a truly unmentionable sum to have them cut if we'd left them much longer.

I wish it would stop raining. Every time I go outside, it's all GROWING at me!

One of my friend Jacobean's dogs, an Oldies Club foster that she decided to keep, has developed a big tumour and needs a leg amputating. I hope it all goes well. At the moment the vet bill is £3000 and counting: the dog is not insured, and her car has just died and needs a £2000 repair as well. What abysmally poor timing (the car - I don't think there is ever a good time for a massive leg tumour).

This made me think of the costs of all our pets - 6 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 bunnies. The dogs have insurance, but I really hope that nothing ever happens to more than one cat at a go! So far we have been lucky, and notionally at least, we have 'saved' so much by not insuring most of the animals that paying for a couple of serious operations would still leave us ahead.

Still, sometimes people say 'Oh, when you have so many animals, surely one more or less doesn't make much difference?' I wish!

Vaccinations and petfood cost enough: the possibility of a giant, 6-cat medical bill lurking on the horizon is a bit scary, if you let yourself consider it too closely.

Mysteriously, in the middle of the night, the night before last, I managed to injure one foot. It's really painful and a bit swollen. God knows what I was dreaming about.

Anyway, I am limping around the place slowly, in perfect timing with Mollydog, who has a permanent limp but, being used to it, is much less of a giant Wuss about it than me. Walking the dogs with a bad foot is not much fun. I think I shall take them this evening to somewhere where I can stand in the middle without moving much, and they can run around chasing rabbits.

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