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"dogs can't look up"

"Big Al says dogs can't look up."*

This is untrue. Dogs do look up. What is in question is whether dogs *should* look up. Particularly, should BOTH of them look up at a squirrel in a tree while racing around the tree, hoping the squirrel will come down.

If the dogs wish to avoid a rather painful high-speed collision, my verdict is that at least one of the dogs should try looking where he or she is going. Both dogs have now retired to their beds nursing their bruises.

*Shaun of the Dead.


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19th Jun, 2007 20:59 (UTC)
LOL! Priceless! Are your dogs now feeling embarrassed, as well as headachey? :D
20th Jun, 2007 14:42 (UTC)
I don't think my dogs have sufficient self-awareness to be embarrassed. They have no grand self-image to let down - unlike the cats!
20th Jun, 2007 12:42 (UTC)
Oh dear! Poor Mollydog & Az, I'd like to think they'll remember not to do the same thing next time, but I have the feeling that the urge to chase squirrels probably overrides any learning from past mistakes...
20th Jun, 2007 15:53 (UTC)
They do sometimes learn from their mistakes (when I got Mollydog, she used to trip over *all the time* because she was used to running on dead flat sand, and unexpected things like grass and clumps of heather threw her completely) But I think you are right - squirrels are just too exciting!
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