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Fostering terminally ill oldies

The Oldies Club has 2 old dogs in foster care that are terminally ill. To make things more difficult, both of them need foster homes with no other dogs around (though Dog 2 is fine with cats, and both are used to small children). Dog 1 really needs someone around during the day, but Dog 2 can be left if someone can pop in to give him a loo break. Dog 2 is also fine with other dogs out and about.

Both are in foster homes at the moment but one of the fosterers is being posted abroad, and the other has other dogs and is struggling.

If anyone out there knows anyone who has no other dogs, and would like to help an old dog by giving them a warm spot and love for their last few months, please get in touch! The Oldies Club will cover the medical bills, food and I'm sure we could also arrange bedding and so on if needed.

OK, it's a slim chance, but if you never ask...

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