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Star Wars lego & historical reflection.

I think I have my entry for this weeks 'macro or panorama' class.

It's a panorama taken in macro mode! And it's topical! (well, sort of.)

Apparently Britain's last cavalry soldier to see active service on the Western Front in WW1 has died...
Almost gone now out of memory into the land of history books, academic arguments, tv reenactments and archaeology, the Great War, the War to end all wars... At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them... not for much longer, now. No-one can really remember people they never met. Not every sunrise and sunset...

I was taught at school by a teacher who had fought in WW1: I must be one of the youngest people who can say that (he was well past retirement age: I believe they didn't have the heart to make him leave. I remember him as an abysmal teacher full of verbal icebergs).

I wonder how long it takes a century to really die. Will it be dead when our parents are, or is it hanging on in there for us?

Bah, why does this silly editor generate line breaks when it should create paragraph tags? Two linebreaks for a paragraph, no less! Does it know something about semantic markup the rest of us have failed to notice? [Dogbert-style wave of paw]
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