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Bengals have landed..

I said there would be photos of new cats, and here they are. They are snow marble Bengals from Bengal Cat Rescue. We went all the way to Kent for them (1000+ thanks to chainmailmaiden for providing emergency cat-hunting accommodation!)

I'm not sure what I feel about having gone all that way to adopt Bengals. I am certain there were many suitable moggies we could have homed locally. On the other hand, these cats needed a home too...

They are now called Yamamaia & Sumatra. I suspect they will end up being called Yam and Sue, but never mind!

First, a reminder: Here is our giant mog Henning in the new cat tree:

Now, here is Yama in the tree: isn't he little (or, isn't Henning big!)

Here is Yama again, showing his lovely eyes:

And Sumatra


And an expression of horror: Kjetil had come into their room and was poking about. Sumatra didn't know what to do about this, as growling at Kjetil didn't put him off at all (he's so gormless: I'm not sure he understands what growling means...). So here you can see Sumatra about to mug Yama in order to release the tension...

They are getting on OK with the dogs, though I suspect there is going to be a lot more yowling before the cats all accept the Dreadful Truth and learn to live with each other.

Until today they were clearly tired by the long drive and didn't move about much, but this morning they were hurtling about like loons! I can see it's going to be rather a long wait for the weeks before we can safely let them explore outside...

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