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Car shopping

It is time for a new car to join the House of Bunn. The old car is not broken, but at almost 9 years old and 120,000 miles, it's reached that awkward point where although it's still fairly reliable and nice to drive, still, every time you get into it, you are sort of consciously hoping that it will start and go all right, and that nothing will fall off. This is a bit stressful: it is nicer to have a car that you can just assume will behave. Also the boot is a tad small for the hounds, and I can't take Mollydog anywhere far in it during the day in the summer, because there's no aircon and she overheats.

Choice of car caused enormous debate. Philmophlegm wanted a fast, luxurious car. I was tending more towards a cheap car that would be economical to run and service...

Finally we settled on a Saab 9-5. But I couldn't find a suitable one in Devon or Cornwall (well, we did, but it got sold before we could buy it)

So, today I went to Bristol all on my lonesome (pp being abroad for work), where I looked at 2 Saabs, test drove both, and bought one! I haven't actually brought it home yet as it needs a couple of scratches sorting out and a valet, but I have decided, and put down a deposit, and they have promised it will be ready on Saturday!

I was so pleased with myself: I managed to haggle them down from a sticker price of 5995 to 5600 (my budget was £6000), got the full amount I wanted for the old car in part exchange, and got them to throw in an extended warranty.

I just hope there isn't something stupidly obvious wrong that I didn't spot because I was feeling so smug about my haggling... I also wonder if I got enough on the part exchange. Oh well!
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