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Wildflowers & Garden Flowers

Fabulous wildflowers at Duckpool on the North Coast this Sunday: I don't think I've ever seen such numbers flowering together. Amazing.

- The big performer was the amazing Vernal Squill (spring squill) - absolute carpets of it, it turned the cliffs blue. I don't think I'd ever seen this plant before, and I had to look the name up.

- thrift - big pink-flowered cushions of it
- violets
- bluebells (down in the valley)
- buttercups and celandines (Do these normally flower together? I think of celandines as a spring flower, buttercups as a summer one)
- that white thing that I am sure is related to goosegrass but I can't work out what it is called
- stitchwort
- primroses - a huge bank of them, interspersed with the violets, in enormous clumps.
- red campion. My campions aren't out yet, but they were storming away here, must be just that bit lower down and sunnier.

The garden is also even more floribundant than usual at the moment. I finally got round to mowing all the lawns at the weekend, so now I can see everything!

Azaleas. The yellow one is the prettiest, but they are all looking quite good, even the germolene pink one. Normally they flower one after the other, but this year they are all going for it in one huge burst.

Bloody cranesbill (no, it's really called that).
Bachelor's Buttons!
aquilegias (including many that have self-sown from my original seedlings)
Primroses & cowslips.
The cherry-blossom is now over (but many fat young cherries are hopefully clinging to the tree: could this be the year when I get to eat a cherry I grew myself???)
Crab apple blossom is fading, but the eating apples are white with it.
some of the camellias are still blooming
That red-purple rhododendron has clearly taken my threats seriously, and is flowering its little socks off (possibly in a state of abject terror, I don't know: all I can say is, it had better keep this up).
Mock orange
Berberis (showing it's good for something at last)
The lonicera nitida is all over flowers too: they are tiny and barely visible, but the scent is fabulous and the garden is full of bees taking advantage.
The Bugle that invaded the lawn some years ago is flowering away
I have several wild phloxes flowering in the back middle lawn this year as well!
Oh, and the catnip (safely hidden away in the greenhouse from the attentions of the cats) is also all over purple flowers

If they keep this up I shall have nothing left in bloom in a month!
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