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Garden warming

Checking last year's journal I note that the daffodils were 'almost over' on 24th April: this year they are setting seed already on 12th, and the bluebells are everywhere. The rhubarb is already ginormous: I could have had a pie out of it a couple of weeks ago, almost a month earlier than last year, though that is no doubt partly due to indulging it with lawn mowings (rhubarb loves lawn mowings as a mulch, which is really handy because you can stick the mowing straight on and not have to walk all the way to the compost heap!)

I am slightly worried about the ramsons: they are flowering their little hearts out in the wood, but it's so dry their leaves are starting to bake a little already, and I fear they may not manage to set seed this year, which is a pity. They have done so well at propagating themselves from my uk.rec.gardening seedswop a few years back.

There are currently 4 fritillaries in the grass near the apple trees: I think that is 2 more than last year, so very pleased indeed about that. I hope it's not going to be too dry and set them back. Though on the other hand, if it does stay dry that would be great for the apple blossom. Ideally I'd like some heavy rain for the next 3 days, then none till end May...

The fig tree now has several figs that have swollen to the size of my thumb, and is starting to show leaves. Pomegranite leaves are peeking, and the nectarine blossom is fading.

All my pumpkins and squashes are germinated, as are most of the peppers. Still no signs of the nasturtians. What do I do wrong with nasturtians: they are supposed to be so easy, yet every year I struggle! Did I plant them too soon? Do they need a propagator? It seems unlikely, given that they can often seed themselves through a British winter, and it's getting up to 35%C in the greenhouse during the day. Hm. Maybe I'll try some of the leftover seed in a heated propagator...

On the to do list:
-Mow the upper lawn
- deal with the latest rabbit excavations
- dig the beds ready for the squashes & pumpkins to move into
- weed the strawberry & raspberry beds (getting out of hand again, tuttut)
- MORE endless bloody hedgecutting
- find somewhere to plant those impulse-buy beans when germinated
- plant the impulse-buy beans (Painted Lady - the only runner bean I've ever had much luck with. Perhaps it's more robust as it is a 'heritage' variety)
- plant cucumbers
- find something (or grow something) to put in the wall baskets as summer decoration

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