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Seeds seeds seeds!

Today I have planted seeds in my heated propagator:

- Orange Baby Bell Pepper (9 pots)
- Pumpkin Jack of All Trades
- Pumpkin Racer
- Butternut Squash Pilgrim
- Butternut Squash Sprinter (2 pots)
- Winter Squash Spaghetti Square Pyjamas

I am a little worried that it may be a bit early for the pumpkins, but with a bit of luck I can harden them off a bit in the greenhouse before they have to venture out into the chill of the garden.

The stir fry veg in the greenhouse is getting quite big: the mixed salad & spring onions seem to be developing a lot slower though, and there is no sign of the basil at all yet. All the basil I planted indoors has germinated though, and the coriander is also starting to show nicely. I'm not sure what to cook with coriander, but I'm sure I will find something!

In other news, Kjetil invited himself along for a walk with the dogs this afternoon, and caught a pheasant. He let him go when I yelled at him and he flew away (the pheasant, not the cat, thankfully. The cat is enough trouble without the ability to fly).
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