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There is not a lot of soil in this garden for trees, but there were a couple of spots where I really wanted to plant an apple tree - partly because apple trees are so nice to have with the blossom AND the fruit, but also to provide a bit of screening.  I have already planted a Cornish variety, and now I have planted a Bardsey Island apple.  I am hoping that this tree, coming from a windy small Welsh island, will be OK with the thin sandy soil and fierce winds here.  The mat thing is a coir mat, used instead of digging up the grass, it seems to work quite well to convert a grassy area to a well-mulched area of soil.  A bit dull at the moment with just basically a stick in it, so I've added the boots that I wore holes in and planted up with pansies, plus the little metal duck that belonged to Pp's Mum.

  And this is a hopeful attempt to establish some trees and bushes on the tarmac, as a support to the Theo Fencing.  I have three young rowan trees here, and three Chaenomeles cathayensis - Chinese Quince bushes.  Both are tough little trees: I know that rowans can grow in high windy places with very little soil, and I'm gambling the quinces will be able to manage with what is basically a big pot - the rowans may, or may not, be able to get their roots down into the gap between the tarmac and the concrete!  We shall see.
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