Theo the Small Gentleman

Last week, Theo was castrated.  I had thought of letting him stay entire for a while longer — the thinking now seems to be that neutering male dogs is better done a little later in life.  Unfortunately, this plan did not take into account the presence of Tessie the Tart. 

Tessie is a very elderly Jack Russell Terrier.  I've been told she's 19 years old, not sure I believe that, but she is clearly a pretty ancient lady, and equally clearly, she has never been neutered, and now seems to be stuck in some weird hormonal state where she is Permanently Interesting.  Tessie spends sunny days wandering around the area, basically, pottering unrestrained and looking for toyboys.  

The arrival of Theo in the area was apparently the answer to her horny-old-lady prayers.  And Theo was absolutely up for it.  I have fenced, and fenced and fenced, and each time, Tessie has come tottering up to bark seductively at Theo, and Theo has become like a crazed dog, and has torn around madly until he was able to break out and run off into the sunset after Tessie, with me in hot pursuit after them both.  

To be fair, there are more entire bitches around here than you can shake a stick at for some reason, and so it's not *only* Tessie.  But Tessie is very definitely the most available and persistent. 

When I was able to get the fencing to the point of preventing containment breach, Theo would stand on his side of it and just cry tragically at the very top of his voice, overcome by his two-year-old male-dog hormones and Tessie the Tart's Amazing Scent. 

Rosie was appalled by all of this, in case you were wondering.  Rosie is picky about other dogs at the best of times, and an entire bitch with her eye on Rosie's Small Gentleman is the WORST.  So: Theo crying tragically at Tessie, Tessie standing looking lovingly up at him and barking seductively, and Rosie standing next to Theo, looming over both of them, swearing a blue streak at Tessie. 

Something had to be done.  And so he was. I hope it at least takes the edge off! 

Poor little guy had to wear a cone for a week, and when the cone came off, I discovered that he had developed gunky ears (not sure if they were gunky before, but a week of being squashed under the cone didn't help, I suspect).  

So today he went back to the vet, where he attempted to threaten me and the vet into not poking things into his ears, unsuccessfully. He made such fierce noises, he had to be muzzled, which surprised him considerably, poor little sod. I guess this is one downside to a dog that has never had anything really bad happen to him: he genuinely thinks he can bluster and threaten his way out of unpleasantness. 

At least his ears have been treated, and with super-strong soothing goop that should leave him much less irritable for the next month. Longer, with luck. 


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