Freshwater east by land and sea

I went down to the beach here a couple of days ago, and wandered along the beach and up onto the coast path with the hounds. These are just some photos I took along the way. We explored a headland, and got as far as the gate marked Lundy View, from which you could indeed see across the wide arm of the Bristol Channel to the little island of Lundy off the North Devon coast.  Then Rosie decided that was far enough, so we turned around and went home, but it was very lovely, so here are some photos.  It was so good, I came back the next day, without the dogs, but with my kayak. 

And on the return...

A beautiful calm paddle right up to the end. The photo I took shortly before attempting to ride a wave right up into the little tidal pool bit, at which point I fell off and was entertainingly tumbled among the waves.  I tried it three times and fell in each time, so I'm now officially of the opinion that the currents at that point are such that it can't be done, because obviously, it wasn't ME being inept. Even if the waves were tiny, they came from all directions at once! 

It was good practice getting in and out of the kayak, and the water comfortably warm, though I was very definitely chilly by the time I had got the boat back onto the car roof, and very glad to get into the car and turn the heater on full. 


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