Dogs, Beach, etc

It was probably a bit rash to venture to a sandy beach in August, but this one has a lot of dunes,and not that much car parking, so most of the tourists were down at one end by the water.  I parked up the hill (too far for convenient carrying of surfboards and picnics), wandered down and picked dewberries while Theo hared about and Rosie mooched gently. 

I had a bag of sausage and cheese, and this seemed to be sufficient, at least on this occasion. 

Not pictured: last night at twenty past midnight when Theo somehow got out of the garden and took himself off on an adventure, and after about 15 tired annoyed minutes I saw a pair of glowing eyes on the shoreline in the light of my torch, and thought: 'seal? seamonster?' but actually it was Apologetic Theo. 


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