It's a hot one.  I went swimming today from the little beach by the house for the first time. I had previously been deterred by ... I don't know. Potential swans (they can break your arm, you know). Green weed. Winkles. Fish.  Etc.  But today it was too hot to worry about any of that. I plunged in. It was great.  

I wore the wetsuit shorts I bought for kayaking. They are a tiny bit too loose for ideal swimming shorts, but then I wasn't swimming very enthusiastically so it didn't matter that I had to haul them up occasionally. 

Here is the sunset yesterday. Looks almost tropical. Most unlike Wales. 

This morning, Pp noticed somethings swimming up the estuary, mostly under the water but occasionally just surfacing visibly. I think they may have been harbour porpoises. Sadly I wasn't able to get a good enough photo of them to confirm. 

It was a stressful weekend because the Shop was down and the support guys were frankly not in any way supportive so I spent ages fiddling around with it myself.  But I decided not to get stressed about it and after a horrible horrible headache on Sat, managed to not fret and tried a few things, and now it's fine. Hurray. 


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