West Wales wanderings

I'm enjoying having a new area to explore with the hounds. Rosie found a little house among the foliage

We haven't been very far from home yet.  Above is the Stackpole estate, which is about ten minutes away, and below is a walk from Angle, which is maybe 25 mins. 

We've done a few paddles up and around the river estuary, though I don't think it's really the right sort of environment for a Canadian canoe, except on a very calm day. 

Found a tall ship visiting on that paddle, the Johanna Lucretia. She's a topsail schooner. 

She has been going in and out of the estuary for the last couple of weeks so we have had a chance to see her under sail, too.  I liked the contrast with the oil refinery, and the wind turbine. 

And here are a few local castle snaps, just because.  This one is Narberth, which seems to have had nothing very Historical happen to it in its many hundred years of history, though it did get slighted to make quite sure, at one point.  Pp for scale. 

But our closest castle is Pembroke, which is a genuinely impressive Norman pile and birthplace of Henry VII. There's a statue with him and a greyhound that I keep meaning to take a photo of. The walk around the millponds next to it makes for an excellent dog walk. One of these days I will brave the Covid arrangements and go and have a look inside it. 

It is Rich in Swans. 


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