I haven't posted here for a month or read here much either and the reason is that I have lost a cat, and I was desperately hoping that he would come back, and then I could post to say he had returned. 

But he hasn't. 

He had been in and out of the house with the dogs a few times, just into the fenced area by the garage, and had come back in when I called him.  This time he didn't come back, and I was tired, and it was late, and so I went to bed and assumed he would be waiting for his breakfast in the morning.  I wish now I'd wrapped up and sat outside to wait for him: we hadn't been here long enough for him to know the place. Easy to be wise in hindsight.  We have signs and posters up now, but nobody has seen him: had one dubious report from a street some distance away, but could see nothing when we went over there.

Pp thinks Fankil has chosen to be a feral cat, and has gone away hunting. I hope he's right. I'm not giving up hope, but it's been over three weeks now. 


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