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A dull update

New dishwasher arrived and was installed and they took away the old one very efficiently, all masked and with the windows wide open for a healthy draught. This year has been all about the healthy draughts so far, the whole thing of 'keeping the heat in' has rather blown away...

It seems they don't make the kind of dishwasher with a sort of 2/3's door and the controls on the outside any more : modern dishwashers have the controls on the top of the door.  So the old door panel didn't fit.  Of course it didn't. I bought a new one: it was cheap, and I didn't attempt to match colours, it's a dark shiny grey, whereas the rest of the kitchen is cherry wood.  But the dishwasher works and I fitted the new panel and handle yesterday. I don't think it looks too weird.

Had a house viewing on Friday: I assume if they had wanted to buy they would have sent us a message by now.  Hey ho.   We air the house out and clean it, then go out for the morning so the estate agent can let the viewers in, so we never actually see them.

Theo is enjoying Virtual Dog School and is getting quite good at walking to heel.  He and Fankil the Grey Cat are good friends at the moment: they both like to come upstairs together in the mornings to wake us up at breakfast time.  They don't tend to arrive too early, so I don't object.

Made squash soup, walnut bread and apple crumble today.  Mum was supposed to be coming to bubble for lunch, but the roads were icy so she decided not.

Need to decide whether to sign up for Worldbuilding Exchange. I sort of want to finish some of my long WIPs, really, but they all feel a bit draggy at the moment, so it's tempting to sign up to do something new instead.  On the other hand, that sort of attitude isn't going to get the WIPs finished!

I keep thinking that at last I am being Efficient and Getting Stuff Done, and then I find something I have utterly forgotten that seems like the kind of thing I'd normally remember.  Today, it was the live session of Dog School, which I forgot was at 11.  And I am astonishingly behind on comment replies, which usually don't seem like anything at all.   Still, at least the laundry is clean. 
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