bunn (bunn) wrote,

The Plague continues

Well, this is interesting.  Cornwall, for its low levels of plague, has been awarded Plague Tier 1 (Medium Alert) from 2nd Dec: pubs, cafes, cinemas and shops will re-open, people can meet indoors.

Devon, just across the river from us, is Tier 2 (High Alert). There is no Low Alert.  So far as I can see, Tier 2 and Tier 1 are more or less the same, except that people aren't allowed to meet indoors in  groups of up to six in Tier 2.  I think.

I have now officially lost my ability to remember the changing rules and regulations of the Plague year.  I had more or less kept up, till now, but now?  Nope.  It's gone.

Today we went for a paddle between Devon & Cornwall, so I'm not sure whether we were in Tier 1 or 2 at that point, or would be, if the tier thing was happening yet which it is not.  This was because Western Power had told us we'd have no electricity today, so we planned to go out and walk / paddle about briskly rather than sit in the unelectric house. Then they came and told us this morning that they'd worked out a way to do their works without cutting off the power after all, but by that time we had carefully arranged things so we had a day off, and it seemed a pity to waste it.

I can report that we saw a kingfisher, some frigates, a destroyer and a very nice and friendly police boat which came scooting over to warn us that we were about to be in the way of the destroyer leaving on manoevers, and suggest we might like to move.  Which we did. :-D

Getting back to the shore, we shared a slipway with three people who were extracting a relatively large and recalcitrant motorboat from the water. Two of them were stout middle-aged men, who were frowning earnestly at Equipment, and one was a cheerful woman in late middle-age who had cheerily stripped her bottom half down to her black lacy thong in order to shepherd the boat onto its trailer.  Her legs went the most interesting colour when exposed to late-November seawater.  BRRRR. 
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