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Plants that are coming too

Posting this for my own reference, really.
Most of what I have planted here is staying, but there are a few plants I want to bring along.

 This blue campanula spreads like crazy, so with luck if I bring one plant it will do the same at the other end. Also in this pot, Mexican Fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus) although annoyingly this is a white-flowered version.  I must try to see if I can get hold of the default pink-and-white, which is much prettier, and wonderful when it seeds itself into a wall.  Also a stonecrop that I picked up that had fallen off a wall in Gunnislake, and was happy to root into this pot though it would be happier if it had one of its own. 

The pot on the right, the red daisy can come too, though I only acquired that this year, I like that it has such a long flowering season, it's still powering away now!

The Important plants below are the two tiny stonecrops in the two middle pots.  I picked up two tiny rootlets with just a few beans on them on a sunny walk on Kit Hill this summer, took them home and put them onto some compost, and away they have gone!  I hope to give them lots more room to spread.  The blue pansies can come too, but I'm more attached to the stonecrop.  On the right is my new Solar Owl. He lights up at dusk and sheds interesting curly shadows.

This pot is mostly just full of white annual Alyssum, but I have a soft spot for this particular strain of alyssum, which has lived in that pot for these many years, demanding nothing but the odd sprinkle of water and in return flowering its socks off.  It's still in bloom now.  Also in that pot, some ivy-leaved toadflax, a purple-flowered native trailing plant that I really adore and that has followed me to every place I've ever lived, I had to make sure that I would be taking some away with me!

These are both new, this rosemary currently rather swamped with pansies will need a bigger pot, but with luck, not until we've moved.

And finally, my fig cutting!  The big fig outdoors, which I brought to this house after buying her in a '50p label fell off' sale,  has now lost all her leaves, but this cutting is spending the winter indoors, ready to be planted out next spring.  She's  got lots of buds and is looking quite enthusiastic about producing leaves now. 

I've had no luck with taking cuttings of the grape vine, but the vine is only a fairly standard variety - Dornfelder - so I can easily buy another.  I definitely want to grow a vine in the new house.  The grapes are a nice extra, but I love having an unlimited supply of vine leaves to stuff.
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