bunn (bunn) wrote,

A sourdough

I missed out on the sourdough starter craze of early 2020 because we had some dried yeast in the cupboard during the Great Bread Shortage, and also the village post office which has its finger firmly on the pulse, almost immediately started selling yeast and bagged flour from the wholefoods supply place around the corner, so we were never really breadless, and I was also busy fighting the garden at that point.

None the less, I think yeast is amazing, and have always vaguely felt like trying capturing some wild yeast.

So on Sunday, I made a flour and water mix and left it on the mantlepiece, and now I have a large enthusiastically- bubbling thing already!  It certainly *smells* very bready.   I am waiting for it to finish eating the second lot of flour I fed it and start to look a bit hungry before I feed again.  I wasn't expecting it to take off so fast, so I didn't mark the jar after the first feeding, as shown here.  I marked it at 10:30 am today instead, since it was clearly growing enthusiastically, but I'm not sure if it has quite doubled in size since yesterday. I shall wait and see what it does next!  I'm hoping it will run out of food and start to shrink, so I know to half it and feed it. 
Tags: bread, food

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