bunn (bunn) wrote,

Some Wanderings

The last few weeks as summer faded into definite autumn, almost felt normal.  We went to Calstock, had icecream.  These are all phone-photos.  I could have taken my camera... but I did not.

admired this bold cat, hanging out with the giant menacing ducks.

Had a bit of a wander around Saltash in the rain.  I'm standing here next to Mary Newman's Cottage, which dates from around 1480, and is now a tiny museum focussing on the Elizabethan period.  Closed, now, of course.  Mary Newman was Francis Drake's first wife, but whether she lived here... well, this very angry person seems to think not
I am pretty confident though that the rail bridge across the River Tamar known as the Brunel Bridge that you can see in the distance really was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It's good to have the odd fact, from time to time.

And we have also been for a couple of wanders around Gunnislake recently.  I took this photo just after seeing a kingfisher - a rather good sighting - but of course it had vanished by the time I got the phone out, and the phone has also made the colours much more muted and grey than they were.

This is William the Miner, of Gunnislake.  Before Gunnislake was called Gunnislake, it was called Williamstown - hence, this gentleman.
Tags: autumn, cornwall, mines, tamar valley

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