bunn (bunn) wrote,

Tavistock Wanderings

Seems ages since I posted photos of just randomly wandering about, so here are a couple of photos of my walk along the Tavistock Canal.  It's an astonishingly shallow canal nowadays, only about 2-3 inches deep, and I think this bridge and gate is more decorative than functional.  It's a pleasant walk, though, and you can park by the pet shop which is much appreciated by Theo. He likes both the dried sausages, and the chance to go around saying hello to the staff. 

Both of them on the lead, because there are sheep not so very far away, and although the sheep are fenced off the footpath the footpath is up above the fence, and frankly I don't trust either hound not to try to leap from on high into the centre of a ring of sheep.  Which would be awful.

And I'm putting this in too, though it wasn't the same day, because the Lemon Grove is a brand new cafe that has sprung up despite all adversity, so we bravely went and had crepes and this amazing milk shake with strawberries onna stick. This was in the time before they brought in the extra rules about masks when entering cafes, though at the moment the idea seems to be to try to keep eating places open if possible, but require masks for staff and people coming and going. 
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