bunn (bunn) wrote,

A Brief Excursion.

We went to town for the first time since the Before Times, wandered around the park with the hounds, then went and found a cafe that was doing socially-distanced takeaway-with-tables. Felt slightly guilty afterwards because it seemed so wasteful to have all those bags and boxes for one meal. It was all paper / compostibles, though the environmental impact of making & transporting all that card & paper must be significant. The hounds had a sausage each, which pleased them greatly, and it was so warm that even though it drizzled, even Rosie didn't seem to mind.

The car park was nearly empty, and the park and footpaths quiet for a Saturday. Many of the shops were open, but only the food shops seemed to have many people around them. I had to queue for a while for the green-grocer, since only two people in at a time.

Theo found the excursion madly exciting and yanked Pp all over the place, woozeling loudly. He really needs more practice in busier places, seeing more people and dogs, the months of walking in quiet spots have not been ideal. Still, as long as there's no return of the plague, we can deal with that.

Went to the cheese shop and the greengrocer, dressed like bandits with scarves over our faces (still haven't done anything about masks, but scarves are acceptable, apparently.) None of the staff in the shops were masked-up, though the lady at the garage did when I stopped for petrol.

Oh, my new-old Ebay camera came! VERY exciting.

Wow, my car, my camera, my phone and my laptop are all currently in a state of entirely not-broken*! Pity the oven, the microwave and the extractor fan are all currently knackered. We'll get to them eventually.

In other news, I have now re-painted the bathroom, and the front door is no longer chipped-red, but a brilliant bright blue.

*well, nearly. The car check engine light is on, but it's been on for ages, I'm nearly sure that whatever it's complaining about isn't serious.
Tags: devon, shopping, the plague

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