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Bits and pieces

Yesterday I drove into Gunnislake to take my car in to have its various ailments fixed, then walked back home through the woods with the hounds.  The foxgloves are coming to the end of their blooming, but wow, there are a lot of them.

When I got my car back, I was pleased.  Grey door looks a little odd, but the window works again and I also have a new battery so it actually starts and can drive places!  (My car standards are so low :-D )

I also made an impulse buy of a new second hand camera on ebay that I can't really afford but what the hell. It's a Sony A6000. Am very excited!

Have a zeitgeisty moment I saw on Tumblr: 2,292 Plants Fill the Audience in Opening Performance at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu

The cinemas are due to re-open here in the UK.  I wonder if enough people will want to go to them.  I can't say I fancy it.  Although the number of cases and deaths has dropped from the peaks of April and May, the last couple of weeks look more like 'numbers have stabilised' than 'continue to fall' to me. 
Tags: camera, cars, wildflowers

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