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Gonna stop scrolling and post a thing...

There is a local glut of strawberries, because all the market gardeners that usually sell to hotels and restaurants are now desperately trying to get the general public to buy more strawberries before they drown in the things.  They are very ripe, and very, very good.  I went to the honesty-box stall, which has been doing a roaring trade, and bought a great number of strawbs, some asparagus and (because I only had a £20) a couple of loaves of panettone.  I don't know where that comes from or why the roadside stall is selling it off cheap, but it's very very good.   And then I bought MORE strawberries today in the local butcher's shop because it was Friday afternoon and they were closing soon and the strawbs were so very, very ripe...   I have just made scones, and if I keep this up I'm going to be able to just roll down the front steps rather than walking.

I'm off to visit my mother tomorrow, and will pick up a hamper from one of the places that is doggedly staying open to serve takeaways so we can sit and isolate in the garden and chat. From Monday, we can do this with up to six people, apparently, though most of the people I would cheerfully invite to visit my garden are too far away to do so. But I have now mowed a lawn, and intend to mow more if it's not too hot at the weekend.

I took the hounds down to the river today, and we mooched gently in the shade.  Normally they both avoid water and mud and don't even much like getting their toes wet, but today it was so hot they both found a stream and got muddy! It's an incredibly warm and sunny end of May. 

(I am very sorry to those who are stuck in cities!  I hope the food supply situation has eased up now.)

Am feeling slightly shattered at the moment.  The Shop on the Borderlands has been super busy, even more so than usual.  Also, we are attempting to clear the house up, tentatively thinking we may sell it and move to somewhere with more rooms for Shop storage and not quite so many steps to carry heavy boxes up and down. So we've been ebaying stuff as well.  I had two giant boxes of stuff to take to the postoffice today and there will be more tomorrow. 

In other news, I accidentally chose a second art in the Tolkien Reverse Summer Bang, so now I have two stories to write: one will be about protohobbits, and another a strange mishmash of British myths.   I made two arts which were both claimed, so that's going to be a productive summer, if all goes well.

Umph, I'm sure I had more I was going to put in this update, but I think I may just go to bed instead! 
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